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At HD Fortier we offer top of the line services with unbeatable quality products. We work very closely with our equipment manufacturers and chemical suppliers to ensure we use only top of the line products and tools to get the job done right the first time.

Our highly trained crew does exceptional prep work which is key to ensuring that the chemicals will properly adhere to the concrete surface. We use advanced formulas with 100% solids to provide a smooth, durable, waterproof, seamless coating that can not be achieved with local hardware store coating kits. Other companies may warranty their work with a warranty ranging from 1-10 years, but with our knowledge of prep-work/ repairs and our close relationship with our suppliers we are confident enough in our final product to be able to offer a 15-year limited warranty on each of our sanitary flooring solutions.

Our team is exceptionally dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are here to help guide you through the ENTIRE process from the first stages of prep to the final protective top coat, we will ensure you are blown away by your new space and comfortable throughout the process of transforming your space.

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Some special features we can incorporate into your floor creations:

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Glow Pigments

Glow in the dark pigments can make that special room in your house transform into an unbelievable night paradise.

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Metallic Pigments

Metallic pigments make any space feel custom and unique. With unparalleled diversity in color options we can help create exactly the floor you’re looking for including but not limited to pearl or marble swirling effects.

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Topcoats we offer a vast variety of different finishing topcoats and textures to ensure the best possible resistance from UV damage, chemical spills, scratches, and even damages from drop impact.

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