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HD Fortier is family business that takes pride in providing the highest quality epoxy flooring Ottawa has to offer. We handle each epoxy flooring installation as if it was our own house. When doing a project in your own house, you want to use the highest quality products.  We want you to enjoy your low maintenance flooring for decades. Our team is exceptionally dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are here to help guide you through the ENTIRE process from the first stages of prep to the final protective top coat, we will ensure you are blown away by your new space and comfortable throughout the process of transforming your space.

Cornwall Epoxy Flooring

There are many options for epoxy flooring in Ontario. Some people consider epoxy flooring DIY kits for their project to try to save a little money.  A do it yourself epoxy flooring kit will cost a little less than hiring a professional and it will not last as long.  We use industrial grinders and equipment to properly prepare the concrete prior to installing the epoxy flooring. Preparation is one of the most important steps for a proper installation. Then we professionally install the flooring using highest quality materials available which far exceed the materials that come in a DIY kit. Our professional installation ensures an amazing finish that you will be able to enjoy for decades. 


Industries we serve include but are not limited to Food and Beverage, Correctional Facilities, Airports, Basements/ Living spaces, Show Rooms, Garages, Health and Educational facilities, Boiler/ Mechanical rooms, Warehouses/ Factories, Bathrooms/ Kitchens, Patios/ Porches, Breweries, Restaurants, Commercial/ Retail spaces. If you would like to revive garage flooring in Ottawa or brighten up basement flooring in Cornwall, we have a beautiful solution for you. 


All of our products come directly from our manufacturer who is the only one to offer a built-in layer of antimicrobial protection. All of the coatings we offer are backed by the Ultra-Fresh Guarantee. On top of this, our employees have been trained to take every possible precaution to ensure the safety of everyone, this includes but is not limited to face coverings during any contact with customers, wearing separate chemical-grade respirators while working, washing hands frequently (we have installed a handwashing facility in our trailer) and sanitizing hands and tool handles frequently.

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Private Flooring Finishing Options

Private Flooring Finishing Options

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