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HD Fortier expertly installed epoxy floor coatings are among the best concrete coating solutions available today! Epoxy coatings were at first produced, for use in hefty mechanical settings because it is low maintenance and very durable.  This modern floor covering isn’t just eye-catching, it has been demonstrated sturdy enough to stand the trial of time. Our commercial flooring applications can take tremendous abuse and still shine. If you are looking for commercial flooring in Ottawa or surrounding areas, call us for a free estimate. 

 If our epoxy flooring can survive decades or abuse in commercial applications, imagine how long our epoxy floors will last in your private residence. We offer an amazing line of extravagant colors, designs, and finishing textures to suit every application. If you want to refinish your garage floors in Cornwall or your basement floors in Ottawa, we have you covered. HD Fortier is the top epoxy flooring company in Ottawa Ontario and surrounding areas. 

Epoxy Flooring Ottawa

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

Ontario Epoxy Flooring Applications

Our Ontario Epoxy Flooring Specialists will provide durable, attractive flooring to fit your needs. Epoxy Flooring is made from a two part epoxy system and installed with a thickness of 2mm or more. Epoxy flooring is a fast, affordable, and sanitary option for a multitude of applications. With no grout joints to contend with, your epoxy floors can be fully cleaned and sanitized easily. 

High quality epoxy flooring has been used in Kitchens, locker rooms, display rooms, bathroom, lobbies laboratory areas, and even ESD flooring (Electro-Static Charge Resistant floors).  ESD has been used in many area where there are explosive hazards.

Although epoxy flooring is a great solutions for many commercial and industrial uses, it is a very common flooring product used in residential garage flooring applications, basement flooring applications, and other interior floors

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